What color concentration do you recommend for your photoactive resins?

Our resins can be mixed with dyes and pigments at varying concentrations. For functional purposes, as controlling cure depth, concentrations between 0.25 and 2% by weight have been used. This is: 100g resin contain between 0.25 and 2 g dye or pigment. Our new hiperdispersed pigments (Red, Yellow, Black) are much more concentrated and need […]

Is it better to use dyes or pigments?

Dyes dissolve completely in the resins and don’t need to be re-homogenized before every use. They are transparent but also absorb light less efficiently. Pigments are more effective light absorbers than dyes but as these are made of solid, undissolved particles, they need to be resuspended from time to time as they will eventually precipitate. […]

Which dyes or pigment colors are best for your resins?

This depends on your printer setup, desired resolution and irradiance power per surface area. Dyes and pigments that absorb UV and blue light are the most effective at controlling cure depth and as such, resolution: yellow, orange, red and black are the most effective. Pigments are more effective absorbers than dyes.  

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