I have problems with the object detaching from the build base, what can I do?

The build base needs to adhere sufficiently to the object so that the first layers of the print attach to it solidly and don’t fall off at any point of the print. Below we list different strategies that have been tested to this effect:

• Perforated metal build areas are very effective at fastening the initial layer in place and guaranteeing dimensional stability (by reducing warping of the initial layers)
• Brushed Aluminum (sometimes powder coated) is often used as a material for build tables, but the resins tend to detach from it. These bases should be pre-coated of resin, hardened under the sunlight or UV light. This will produce very good results.
• Layering spray glue (3M or similar brands) before a build has been tryed with mixed results.
• Some resins will attach to PVC so covering the build base with vynil film is an option.