High reactivity resins for versatile setups

iilois_hd1 These are the most versatile range of products. They will suit:

  • lower power light sources
  • large build area setups
  • many Laser curing devices

Good starting point if you want to keep your options open.

Medium reactivity resins for sensitive PDMS vats

PDMS_vat Use these specifically tuned resins formulated to be less aggressive on PDMS Silicone non-stick films in combination with high power DLP projectors (typically 2500 to 3500 ANSI Lumen). The standard, pre-mixed color for these resins is a warm yellow, opaque pigment. The cure times are still very fast and will allow for quick build times.

B9 Creator and similar

b9-creator Chose this if you are using the B9 Creator or a printer with similar properties. DLP projector with 3000 ANSI Lumen, color wheel still in place, PDMS Silicone separation layer. The standard, pre-mixed color for these resins is a warm yellow, opaque pigment.

Form1 by Formlabs, or related

form1 Resins compatible with the Form1 and similar SLA printers using a 405nm Laser with powers above 80mW, PDMS or Teflon separation films. The standard, pre-mixed color for these resins is a warm yellow, opaque pigment.

illuminaid Litho Printer

This is our resin line prepared to work with the illuminaid Litho Printer. We have developed this resin in collaboration with the people at illuminaid to make these products work off-the-shelve. Check out our usage advice section to learn about the settings to use for each product and color.

Compatible resins for professional printers

Perfactory If you need a replacement for Envisiontec or 3DSystems SLA250 resins and are looking to try our products, you can start here. We are continuously developing and tuning our products to meet the demands of our customers.


MiiCraft compatible resins

miicraft-miicraft-05 A well designed and crafty machine that is also now taking advantage of some of our resin offerings.

Stalactite compatible resins

Legacy resins and repair kits developed for the Stalactite 102 printer. We will keep these in stock as we have received requests by users that have trouble sourcing the consumables for this discontinued printer.

Note: If you fail to see your country in the shipping calculation list, please contact us and we will update it ASAP


Dyes and Pigments

Pigs_457x407 Pigments. Opaque, high disperion, extremely covering. Will remain in suspension for several days to weeks before needing to be shaken (depending on resin viscosity and room temperature).
Dyes_457x407 Dyes. Transparent, easy to dissolve and mixable. Will remain in solution permanently.

3D Printing Accessories

Get PDMS non-stick reconstruction kits and other 3D Printing related products.

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