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flowAt Spot-A Materials, we have been a part of the 3D printing community since the very early days of RepRap, Fab@Home and the many similar projects that have sprung around the powerful technologies of 3D printing. We have been known to participate in the development and improvement of a wide range of devices, methods and technologies which are now reaching its maturity.
We are at the forefront of creating and formulating materials that have targeted many specific fields of application, with demanding properties, while keeping costs under control.

Never shy of undertaking challenges, we are being faced with demanding requests by the 3D printing community: produce 3D resins and polymers that work with low cost, DIY devices, but will also fit right in among the professional users. They will have to have excellent physical properties, cure fast, be safe, fit in different user cases, be affordable and available worldwide.

The voyage has been hugely interesting as well as demanding, and has produced very fruitful and ongoing collaborations.

Now comes the time of bringing it all together and offering what the 3D printing community has been asking for: we are proud to present our products with a wide range of properties and hope you will find them ideally suited to your project.

Take a look at our product range and developments…

Spot-A Materials is a brand of Sonnaya Ulitka S.L.

Sonnaya Ulitka S.L.
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Tf: +34 935 414 943