We have encountered some difficulties for shipping to certain countries, regarding import taxes and regulations. Due to this and frequent requests of inclusion of certain destinations, we created this section to inform on Shipping Conditions and territories who have been tricky to give service to. If you don’t see your country in the shipping select box and want it added, or your destination appears in the list of countries with issues below, please contact us to see if we can arrange shipping for you.

We have had repeated tax or regulation issues in: Turkey, Romania, Russia

Possible Countries with complex import laws: Ukraine, Africa (except South Africa), Middle East, some South American countries.

If you have knowledge about how to simplify import of goods from The European Union to one of these countries, please contact us.

  • Shipping to countries not in the select list: contact us with a request of inclusion. We will check shipping prices and add them to our shopping cart.
  • Spot-A Materials will always provide, if available, a tracking ID for the package being sent to each customer.
  • Once a customer places the order, in no case will Spot-A Materials cover the extra costs derived from import taxes, fees etc.
  • If the customer finally rejects the delivery of the package, Spot-A Materials will not be obligated to refund the order.
  • Spot-A Materials recommends to customers in destinations not in the list of shipping countries or those in the above list of complex destinations, to inform themselves on possible import taxes and legislation from goods coming from the European Union.
  • Spot-A Materials cannot be held  responsible for the bad conditions of the packaging or the content due to the incorrect manipulation of the courier service. Spot-A Materials will file a complaint with the courier service in these cases but the courier will always remain the facilitator and final responsible of such damages and the provider of eventual reparation.