• 3D Printing community handles COVID-19

    The 3D Printing community has been joining efforts to help solve shortages of medical equipment in heavily affected areas. Open source designs have quickly been made available for face-masks, shields and respirators. Please check out this video for an extensive explanation on how ventilators work in medical settings.

    You can find further information on 3D printed designs and initiatives here:
    Link 1  Link 2  Link 3 Forum Discussion

    Spot-A Materials releases its Professional Range of functional resins

    We have been developing several resins initially available to our OEM manufacturing partners which we are now listing them in our web-shop. More novel materials that have interesting properties and have thoroughly been tested and validated in real life applications are coming very soon. These materials offer outstanding properties including structural and mechanical improvements, niche applications, specific needs, advanced concepts, all in a drive to offer an advantage to the professional 3D printing partners in look for an edge in their production processes.

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Quick & Easy

We specialize in adapting our portfolio of products to fit a wide range of 3D printers, making the implementation of 3D printing processes quicker and less costly


Tailor Made Resins

Formulating all our resins in-house allows us to create specific products for costumers that are looking to find that silver bullet that places them above the fray

Safety First

From the origins of our company, we stated one of our main goals to be the formulation of safe to use and safe for the environment products. We never veered off this pledge: Safety First!

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