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Giuseppe Rossi – MiiCraft version of Spot-IC

A skilled jeweller over in Italy, achieving professional results with a MiiCraft printer. Some of the prints have been post-processed using a lacquer to smooth out pixelation (stepping effect) of his prints. Very impressive!


Results of our new resin line for the Litho at

The level of detail and sharpness of the prints is breathtaking!
We are verry happy to have achived this level of quality in collaboration with the people over at illuminaid, in Seoul, South Korea. Congratulations!


Stephan using a Form1 at

Impressive prints using the Form1, with different pigments and dyes with our new Spot-GP, Spot-HT & Spot-E Form1 versions. Very interesting spherical bearing print!


Del Bianco Luciano & Co. at

Wonderful mechanical, jewellery and dental prints, amazing precision and artistry.


Edwyn using a MiiCraft at

Printing with his MiiCraft, with the MiiCraft compatible Spot-GP and Spot-HT resins. This was printed with a 7 second exposure settings


Batha Lajos at

Extremely detailed prints!


Stalactite 3D, by Joan Raventos, Barcelona

Excellent surface finish and resolution, very clean prints and high success rate.


Illios HD, by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko


Mat Imhof with his B9-Creator at


Juanjo Aicart with his B9-Creator


Guillaume Loquin


Alvaro Fogassa


Joakim Edlund at


PZ (Peter Zamov) at


Gavi with his B9 Creator

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