KT1 for Formlabs

KT1 is a general purpose resin for your Formlabs printer. You will be able to print very resistant protoypes with amazing definition at an affordable price.

Red Pigment, 15g

Red pigment, opaque. High color intensity and low viscosity. It is painless to mix on 3D resins due to its easy dispersion.


Optically Clear Flexible resin perfect for transparent model parts requiring flexibility and clarity. Smooth surface finish and high level of detail.


Optically Clear Hard resin perfect for transparent model parts that require hardness and transparency with smooth surface finish and high level of detail.

S-GM – Gingiva Model

S-GM is a gingiva model resin for parts that require flexibility for implant models. Great accuracy, elasticity, tear-resistance and dimensional stability.

S-PRO Engineering

S-PRO Engineering works for prototyping as well as functional parts. Its main qualities are high performance, high resolution, exceptional toughness, resistance to impact and fracture, and minimal shrinkage.

Spot-GP – General Purpose

Spot-GP was created for users that need to print large quantities of parts or big objects for a reasonable price while maintaining other properties like cure speed, hardness and clearness, together with low viscosity and surface tension.