Spot-A Materials donates know-how and resins to print consumable parts for Covid-19 ventilators.

Spot-A Materials been asked to assist in relieving a shortage of specific consumable parts for ventilators, as all hospitals are in dire need for assisting patients in critical Covid-19 condition. We have donated resins and know-how with zero VOC, high detail materials with enough strength and compliance to fabricate connectors and fittings. We also called on our friends on the logistics side (thanks so much, you guys rock!) to make the resins arrive, free of cost, within less than 24 hours to complete the testing phase as quickly as possible.

We are happy to announce that the pieces are now in production and shipped to hospitals and emergency centers! In the picture above is an Isinnova design connector for their widely adopted non invasive ventilator.

3D Printing community handles COVID-19

The 3D Printing community has joined efforts to help solve shortages of medical equipment in heavily affected areas. Open source designs have quickly been made available for face-masks, shields and respirators. Please check out this video for an extensive explanation on how ventilators work in medical settings.

You can find further information on 3D printed designs and initiatives here:
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