We just got notice that the people at a very interesting publication called 3D printing industry has picked up on our site and products in relation to the need of affordable and good quality resins. Here is an abstract of what they say:

The advantage that Spot-A has over its competitor, at the moment, is the range of its materials.  In addition to its general-purpose resins, the company offers an elastic resin meant for rubbery prints, putting it one step ahead of MakerJuice. More importantly, it is already in the development of two other resins, one of which could be a big seller. The Spot-IC resin, which stands for “investment casting”, will be ideal for, well, investment casting.  With the Spot-IC meltable polymer, users will be able to create metals cast from detailed 3D prints, making for high-quality metal objects.

You can go and read the rest at 3D Printing Industry…

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