Blue Dye, with low viscosity and easy to mix. Dyes dissolve completely and do not subside or precipitate.


Transparent Blue Dye, with low viscosity and ease of mix. It dissolves completely in your resin and does not subside or precipitate.

For SLA or LED printers, add as much as you wish to achieve the desired color (starting with 3-4g). For DLP devices, start the mixing at 10g (and up to 20g) to reach the best concentration for this technology.

This transparent blue dye is also useful for printers with large vat volumes, where re-homogenising the resins after long resting times is not practical.

For further information on mixing ratios and exposure, please contact us.

In case you need another color, please go to dyes. If you would like an opaque pigment instead, you can go to pigments.

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